Sunday, December 03, 2006

Papering over the cracks

Citizens, look at this big, shiny statue we built to distract you people from the
real problems we are facing in our country!

".....The leaders did not believe in glorifying their place in history. They did not name streets, MRT stations, buildings, stadiums and parks after their colleagues who have died.

I think we should do so from now on so that Singaporeans can remember .... who had made a difference to the lives of Singaporeans. " [link]

If streets are renamed, wouldn't road signs, maps, official documents need to be amended? Would that be a waste of money?

You know a country has jumped the shark , run out of idea , if monuments are erected ; streets and buildings are named to glorify its leaders.


Saigon ---- during communist rule ----> Ho Chi Minh City
Saint Petersburg ---- during communist rule ----> Leningrad

could this happen.....

Singapore -----> PAPLand?

I somehow think that Mr Wee Kim Wee have a higher chance of getting a *insert street/building/stadium* named after him, than Mr Ong Teng Cheong.

Despite the fact that the latter has (argubly) had more contribution to Singapore.... I'll wait and see.

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